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• Clients - Celebrities
Ro Kim has many devoted collectors of his paintings throughout the world.
He has been commissioned to paint portraits for celebrities, scholars, musicians, actors, authors,
and executives. His paintings have also appeared in numerous television programs and hang on the
walls of homes, studios, and offices within the US and abroad. He truly was the Artist to the Stars!
Jay Leno

Ro and Kathy Kim meet with Jay Leno, an admirer of Ro's work

Portrait of "Jock Ewing" for TV hit "Dallas"

Painting for Dallas
Ro Kim painted this and other works
which appeared in numerous TV shows

Painting for Dallas
"Most Outrageous Game Show"
hosts Bob Eubanks and Jim Lange
Ming-Na Wen
Ming-Na Wen
Ming-Na Wen, acclaimed actress in "The Joy Luck Club", "Mulan", "Mulan II" and "ER", has commissioned two portraits from Ro Kim

Damon Wayans
Wayans Family
Portrait of Damon Wayans and Family

Painting Wayans Family
Working from 4 separate snapshots,
Ro Kim creates a family portrait that
brings all the family members together.

Commercial poster for Arrowhead
Steven Spielberg
Painting of "ET" for Steven Spielberg

Painting ET
Barry Russell
Barry Russell, Chief Judge,
US Bankruptcy Court